Vocational School of Health Care Services


About The Program

The aim of the Radiotherapy Program is to train qualified assistant health personnel who can assist radiation oncologists and work in radiation oncology centers, who have the knowledge and skills to perform radiation therapy and simulation.

One of the most important factors that makes the Istinye University Radiotherapy Program different is its superior technical infrastructure. Istinye University, with its hospitals under the Mlp-Care Group, is the university with the most important cancer treatment centers in our country. When our students graduate as a result of the basic and branch courses they will take during their education; will be able to perform tasks such as determining the treatment areas and adjusting the treatment position, operating and using the radiotherapy device, administering radiotherapy to the patients to be treated, and controlling the patient's condition during the treatment. In addition, internship opportunities are provided to our students at İstinye University hospitals.

Our students who graduate from this program are given the title of "Radiotherapy Technician". Graduates of this program can work in the diagnosis, treatment and planning units of the Radiotherapy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Departments of private or public hospitals and medical faculties. There are also employment opportunities in private oncology clinics and private diagnostic centers.

Departments that we can complete with DGS: Nursing, Nursing and Health Services
Program Language:Turkish
Place of Education: Topkapı Campus
Score Type: TYT